Sunday, 24 November 2013

Postcards from Ted #1

"Knightsbridge, London." A British postcard no.21403.

"In the Trenches, France. June 26th, 1916."

Dear Marion, 
I have much pleasure in writing you these few lines to let you know that I am doing famous and in good health. Hoping you are all the same. I have been home to London and 7 days leave and have been back a week now. I had a most enjoyable time and the people were so kind to me. I haven't heard from you for some time now but hope to shortly. I haven't seen Ern since we arrived at Marseilles. He is about here somewhere. It has been raining off and on for about a week and the mud is awful nevertheless we mustn't growl. We are here to beat those Huns and we will do it in time although I wish the whole concern was finished. I have just about had enough and my nerves are not the same as when I left N.Z. It makes me feel as though I have been a soldier for some...

"Ludgate Circus, London." A British postcard no.21002.

...considerable time when one hears of the 12 reinforcements arriving. If I were in N.Z. now I would certainly be ashamed to show myself. In London there are hundreds of young fellows in mufty who ought to be ashamed of themselves. I will write a letter next time. Sincerely hope you are all well. Give my kindest regards Doll at home and any inquiring friends. The Artillery duels are pretty severe at times but we have got the huns thinking our boys have been less successful against them twice now. You will no doubt see by the papers. I will now say bye bye for the present. Hoping to see you all some day. I remain yours sincerely, Ted xxxxxxxxx."

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