Thursday, 28 November 2013

Postcards from Ted #3

"Leicester Square, London." British postcard no.21309.

"In the Trenches, France, June 29th 1916.

Dear Mrs Fanning,
I was  awfully pleased to receive your letter dated April 10th. Very sorry indeed to hear that you are suffering from the affects of your head and I sincerely hope you are much improved by the time this short epistle  reaches you. I am glad to state that I am in perfect health again. I am beginning to think that a soldier's life isn't the game its cracked up to be. One has to be on the alert the whole time and one misses all these good times and comforts but we are out to win and we are going to win. Our boys will show the Germans what the Anzacs are made of. I can't see an ending yet but sooner or later there will be something doing. I will now say bye bye for the present. Hoping to hear from you again soon. Yours sincerely Ted."

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