Friday, 22 May 2015

When I Get Back To Timaru

"With all kind thoughts and good wishes from Sling Camp”, by British artist C.T. Howard. 
Printed and published by J. Salmon, Sevenoaks, England, and E. Mack, King Henry’s Rd, Hampstead, London. 

The message on the back reads:

“Dear Mrs Gracie, Just a line to let you know I am great. Bayonet fighting, gas, barbing wire, machine guns and bomb throwing is the thing to make one fit. Also fifteen miles route march. They have the clock on two hours here for this daylight saving, damned rot. Got to get up at four in the morning and going all the time. Got a letter from Miss Gault the sweet kid to write and you to give her my address. Also she told me you was not well so sorry to hear it but hope you are ripping by the time you get this. So in a NZ paper the women are doing men’s work. Poor devils, as if they haven’t enough to do. Going to Grantham about the end of the war till they want us in France. Take too long to tell you all about the places I’ve seen but will tell you all when I get back to Timaru…Kind regards to the Boss & Kiddies and look after yourself. Yours sincerely, Doug Vernall.”

Private Douglas Vernall, of Orari, and serving in the New Zealand Machine Gun Corps, received gunshot wounds in the abdomen and chest and was hospitalised in France.

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